Amelia Seyssel - Concert Artist
...specializing in the performance of fine Art Song repertoire

Available CDs

La Música Resuena ~ A Song Recital Celebrating Art Songs of Spain & Mexico
Songs by Guridi, Grever, Rodrigo, Ponce, Granados, and Obradors.
CD insert includes Program Notes and Translations

"...a wonderfully gifted pair with a very special talent for this repertoire."
Dame Donna Petersen, San Francisco Opera
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Track samples are available at this site.

in development — tentative release in 2015

Coloured Toys - A Song Recital Celebrating Childhood

a program dedicated to Children in four parts:
1- Daytime and Play     2- Settling Down     3- Storytime     4- Goodnight

Photo Record .... NRS Recording Studio — August 2012