Amelia Seyssel - Concert Artist
...specializing in the performance of fine Art Song repertoire


Spain: the History & the Music

A lecture on the History of Spanish Music in it's Historical Context
A broad overview of the unique musical experience of the Iberian peninsula explored in it's historical and cultural a slide show format with musical examples...with a final focus on Spanish Art Song and it's relationship to Zarzuela and Tonadilla

Nine hours of lecture and musical examples covering the earliest history through to modern times...presented by Amelia Seyssel, M.F.A. and co-founder of the Cantatrice Art Song Ensemble.

From Ancient times to the Visigoths and the dawn of the Middle Ages
The Visigoths to 1492...and Muslim Spain (712-1492)
The Golden Age - Ferdinand & Isabella and post-Muslim Spain
The Modern Age

An understanding of the cultural cross-currents in Iberian history is essential to a proper appreciation of Spanish musical forms and style. For this reason, the history of the Iberian peninsula emphasizes the many different cultural elements that have influenced the peninsula and it's music.

Maps are used extensively to explain historical events.

VOCAL music is the principle focus of the lecture, but other important areas of musical development are also briefly discussed, principally: the organ, the guitar and flamenco.


"Bright is the Ring of Words" from Songs of Travel
Poetry by R. L. Stevenson Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Poet: Robert Louis Stevenson
"The Lamplighter" (from A Child's Garden of Verses)
Set to music by Roger Quilter
Poet: Fiona MacLeod (pseudonym for William Sharp)
"Thy Dark Eyes to Mine" / Set to music by Charles T. Griffes
Poet: Sara Teasdale
"February Twilight" / Set to music by John Duke
Poet: Alfred Lord Tennyson
"Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal" / Set to music by Roger Quilter
Poet: William Shakespeare
"Orpheus with His Lute"
Set to music by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Poet: Emily Dickenson
"Have you got a Brook in your little heart"
Set to music by John Duke
Poet: Percy B. Shelley
"Love's Philosophy" / Set to music by Roger Quilter
Poet: Theodore Roethke
"The Wish for a Young Wife" / Set to Music by Samuel Barber
Poet: e. e. cummings
"i carry your heart" / Set to music by John Duke
Poet/Composer: Stephen Foster: "Beautiful Dreamer"